Thursday, 2 August 2012

A doctor watching life in Singapore

In 2010, a patient had a quarrel with his wife ... suspect his wife having affair
new lingerie, handbags, buying swimsuits, new routines.

In just one quarrel, he got angry ... threw household objects onto the floor, did not hit her
and then went out of the house.
She filed a police report and follows thru with a complaint to the family court.

Family Court residing the case is a female.
For what it is worth, he was alleged to have commited an act of family violence.
She, the wife, refused for counselling, refused to talk to him, refused to discuss anything ...

After mths, he was ordered a Personal Protection Order .. followed by a Domestic Exclusion Order
ie. he cannot get within X-distance of her, and he needs to leave the house.

Divorce procedures ... have spent more than $10k on legal .

He has to pay maintenance to her.
The house will be sold, and she will probably get 50% at least ... although he paid most, but she does the upkeep.


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