Monday, 26 November 2012

MB&F HM1 ,the machine 1 from Max Busser & Friends

It seems like years ago, back to 2007.
This is my own personal HM1.
It sees REGULAR use, and it would always remind me of the days gone by, when owning such an unorthodox machine was so rare.

Today, I was present at a transaction, a resale, of one of these beauties...not mine!
But one such, in white gold.

Price??? $238,888 singapore dollars!

Now, that is an investment..the watch was in totally worn condition, and really scuffed!
BUT..there are NO machines left for this model, except 1 piece in the gallery in Geneva.

I won't be selling mine, but I had a chance to see my own against my oen RM02.
The HM1 wins hands down in the "status" and "attention" department.

Probably because it was designed that way. No regrets buying it, although it did cost an arm and leg, and the price of 3 platinum president Rolex!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Rolex President Platinum 41

Did I spell that right?

278 grammes of 950pt.

$65,000 sgd. Mybe less.

Ice Blue defined dial and hands to let those who may know...know.

#@%& it is HALF or onethird the price of a Freak/Antiqua/Ulysse Nardin complication/De Bethune etc.

It will HARDLY if EVER show up a scratch.

It has formidable resales at a pawnshop (heaven forbid) but true. You can profit even.

And mind you...I bought one.

This is what I usually buy.

(but this 41mm large sized Rolex is 50% to 20% of the price of these)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Resale Values of wristwatches in November 2012

The ONLY times I made a profit were the times I bought with no intention of reselling.
Vice versa...I can't sell at all some wathces which I thought would be profitable...Rolex and Patek.
Right now, these brands are just FULL of grey traders and resales have slumped so low.
Unless you have the "right" watch, which is almost always the one you don't wish to sell.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Why YOU as a guy may add another 10 to 20 years to your life....with quality

Life is sustained and prolonged by this...and it has/has not been totally and subjectively proven.
AND click here for more things that dawned on me while I was wondering what to do with money.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Thinking about a career? A new car? New life partner? Look back...

After REALLY begins.
in my own experience, it really pays off to attend your old school campus, university, once every ten years, to measure how far you have come.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

What is the PRICE of the Oracle CD2500Mk3? Or the Metronome Kalista Reference CD?

 The Oracle CD2500 mk3 today, in 2012, will cost according to the internet searches: in the ballpark of $27,000 sgd or $22,000 usd.
The Kalista, altho less detailed and faired lesser, will cost over $100,000 Sgd to $78,000 usd.

By the year 2032, 20 years from today, BOTH may cost $5,000 usd or sgd.

Technology is expensive...but it is like wine. Drink it.

Watches are for the more conservative in spending.
Like cost for a Richard Mille was $110,000 sgd or $78,000 usd in 2005.
Or $38,000sgd to $28,000 usd for a Freak in 2003.

ALL of these babies gave me my money back!
And more.

One Porsche 911.
Most people lost money.
But due to taxes and change from the 911 (997.2) bought brand new from AD in 2009, to a similar brand new AD 911 (991 cabrio)...made april 2012, bought August 2012.
Lost me only a mere $2,000 sgd.

Plus...I got to own the best 911 ever made, including the best cabrio 911...minus flex and old "flaws".

Life is good.

High End Audio, exotic cars and exotic wristwatches versus GIRLS

First a link to

Given all of the may or will be drawn away from even all types of unfaithful behavior!