Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Rolex President Platinum 41

Did I spell that right?

278 grammes of 950pt.

$65,000 sgd. Mybe less.

Ice Blue defined dial and hands to let those who may know...know.

#@%& it is HALF or onethird the price of a Freak/Antiqua/Ulysse Nardin complication/De Bethune etc.

It will HARDLY if EVER show up a scratch.

It has formidable resales at a pawnshop (heaven forbid) but true. You can profit even.

And mind you...I bought one.

This is what I usually buy.

(but this 41mm large sized Rolex is 50% to 20% of the price of these)


  1. Bernard,

    next to the OPUS V which kind of model is it?

    Thank you

    1. Ahhh..that is the Daniel Roth, before Bulgari time, it is the papillon.