Monday, 26 November 2012

MB&F HM1 ,the machine 1 from Max Busser & Friends

It seems like years ago, back to 2007.
This is my own personal HM1.
It sees REGULAR use, and it would always remind me of the days gone by, when owning such an unorthodox machine was so rare.

Today, I was present at a transaction, a resale, of one of these beauties...not mine!
But one such, in white gold.

Price??? $238,888 singapore dollars!

Now, that is an investment..the watch was in totally worn condition, and really scuffed!
BUT..there are NO machines left for this model, except 1 piece in the gallery in Geneva.

I won't be selling mine, but I had a chance to see my own against my oen RM02.
The HM1 wins hands down in the "status" and "attention" department.

Probably because it was designed that way. No regrets buying it, although it did cost an arm and leg, and the price of 3 platinum president Rolex!

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  1. Amazing. They are beautiful machines, no doubt. They make the Rolex President seem like a plastic Casio in comparison.