Thursday, 6 December 2012

Year end of 2012...there never is anything that would be total recall!

But it is sure fun to simply use images to remember this year.

 The weather!!!
 The return of Rolex as a serious watch, while holding on to their position as a real time money substitute, probably one of the only man made things that can be used in barter trading with relative ease.
ESPECIALLY if you buy them in platinum, in the exclusive platinum only, presidential form.

 The slow down in an over grown market of wonderful watches...sad, but inevitable, and this is always that part of an era, which makes these watches collectable...again if they are well made the little known Nubeo , with their ever beautiful organic aesthetic.
 The birth of ANY new Porsche 911 is always a marker or historic date in history.
The new 991 is NO exception...and is the very best 911 ever made in its whole history of 49 years.
The new platform was/is so good, that for once...I bought a car within 10 minutes of "deciding" and a cabrio version of a 911...usually scorned...but in this case, VERY good..and firm, and as good as the hardtop. Reason? I can load stuff into the car, and close the roof.
Making this the most useable sports car ever.

Corthay's enviable shoes.
And the world's notable acceptance of the wristwatch into art.

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