Monday, 12 November 2012

Resale Values of wristwatches in November 2012

The ONLY times I made a profit were the times I bought with no intention of reselling.
Vice versa...I can't sell at all some wathces which I thought would be profitable...Rolex and Patek.
Right now, these brands are just FULL of grey traders and resales have slumped so low.
Unless you have the "right" watch, which is almost always the one you don't wish to sell.


  1. What a case Bernard!!! Every single time I look at that pic I swallow saying..... Wow unbelievable what a case/collection!!! Well done Bernard really well done!!!

    Take care

  2. Dear Dr. Bernard,

    I love timepieces, and god willing, I want to sit with you for 1 or 2 years to study upon graduating from my university studies. I will not be of any burden to you. When the time comes & god willing, I will come to you =)

    Regards, Ahmad Hannan, Malaysia