Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ever thought about changing your entire life/job ?

I have.
But I will admit..I had NO GUTS. I guess I am also VERY happy with what I have/had...more than my fair share.

My cup runneth over. God has blessed me, and I believe in Jesus Christ. I ain't no holy Joe...but the principle dynamics within the Bible of the Christian belief work all the time, being able to understand and apply 1% is enough to make one VERY rich.

Don't try harnessing it.

It's too powerful. Let's just say, I have tried...and insanity was that close.

Coming back, my friends who have had the slight fortune to change jobs...found and are finding great happiness:

Cedric Tan, from fun and event organising, to experimenting with a Hawker stall!!!

Call on my econo phone.

FOOD..was FUN.
People and company..even MORE fun..and I got to show off my Bulgari. NEW.

 The new toy 911 reaches its niche in our home...among my other toys..but the Nissan Juke Turbo is still a hard fight with the 911.
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  1. Bernard,
    You are the MAN and not Nick Foulkes who is questionably a writer of opinions, many which I find pretentious. Presumptious.
    I think the watch industry did itself great injustice and moved 10 years backwards to jewelry for the insecure man, or the opposite. Both distasteful.
    You must share with us your crossover opinions on the excllent, but often debatable issues inside the world of hi fi and how it influences your treasured musing and rants of watchmaking today and the last 20 years.
    Please do this, for many of us.
    Edward Chin