Monday, 24 September 2012

What can replace sex, girls, cars, watches, hifi gear and cool camera gizmos?

Cool blades.
In lines... I haven’t skated in 10 years or so..When I tell people about inline skates, I get laughter.  Skating has been come uncool and passe. 


I can say it..because I already have everything above..present tense.
Maybe I am BIASED...but if asked to reduce, to trim down to the basics, at the age of my mid 50s...
I would choose:
A good, new Porsche 911 cabrio, exactly like what I bought, a simple watch in gold, like the new Bulgari..not boring and yet talkable or a Seiko Rolling Stones watch..rare thing. AND space in the car to stash a pair of REALLY good cool skates like the Mercury:

I am fortunate I don't have to choose.
But really, skating in good clear clean air, by the damned fun.
It is good for my back muscles..and takes off my knee stress and mental stress.
It is not expensive.
And there is a certain rebellious air of freedom.
If all that still bores, just alternate between all of the above.
GOOD ADVICE from a doctor!