Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The one of 10 gold MB&F 4 will NOT regret it.

At this price level, I was not able to stomach any non precious metal.
What the is MUCH MORE of a watch and MUCH MUCH MORE of precious art than before.
Good fortune, I believe is for all the 10 owners!


  1. Hi Beranrd,

    did you wear it at fair ? Any other good "bargain" apart from the HM 4 ??

  2. Not worn to any public event yet.

    BUT...HM5 will be and is a bargain.

    Or..try to get any of the HM in RG...1,2,3...they are less seen, and will prove to be good value, if u bought used.

  3. Yessss.....couple of days ago I try it on..the HM5 it is really amazing...even better on the wrist WOW...really good ! I like also the LM1 the details of the movement are superb ! Even the LM1 is really comfortable on the wrist !

    Can I ask you when did you get the HM 4 ???

    thank you very much for the suggest have a nice day !