Wednesday, 30 January 2013

At Basel, 2010..I loved THIS original and "expensive" ARTYA wristwatch cheeky look at high end watch snobs

People who pay crazy money for watches which are often LESSER or worse than THIS original FIRST piece made by Yvann Arpa.
That said, I was VERY happy that over 3,000 europeans, with their often parody on the bougeous and silly...poked fun at them...paid $5,000 sgd for various editions of this watch.

Now after 2 years, and much wear...I have grown to see more and more of the humour behind making Artya.

Not all will agree.

But I would say that paying $800,000 sgd for a Vacheron Repeater is more silly...than buying this watch.

At least the Artya is intentionally poking fun at Vacheron and many silly priced under designed and boastful watches.

Cheers to a sense of humour...and to making fun of folks who show off...I am equally guilty.

Watchmaking has evolved into art.

Artya is often a Damien, Miro or Warhol.
Not all of their works are beautiful...but they have some form of intent and purpose.

I am very very happy to see this.

But first...some eye releif!!!
I love great swimwear!!!

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  1. Artya is really very good brand, and all their creations are funny, worth the money do you spend to get it and why not offbeat !
    even with RJ Yvan Arpa has had great and brilliant idea but now with he's own brand he's really making something different ! Also the way how they make the watch case is so funny.....
    We do not have to forget that every single watch are piece unique so....they are very cheap but very good indeed ! Compare with very high end watch have a piece unique from Vacheron may be we have to spend few million euro !! And I'm not so sure that we can get it !

    take care