Sunday, 3 February 2013

Please...even if you HATE Rolex, and even if you happen to be a woman. The PLATINUM 303gram Rolex Day Date

This is ONE watch which will not make you take any risks financially.

Platinum is RARE.

The ore for this watch alone MAY be the VOLUME of 7 football fields.

Almost ALL platinum mined for the last 200 years will never even fill half a container truck.

YES. Platinum is just almost the equivalent of diamonds.


  1. the only problem is the money !! ahahaah

  2. No first, I too, thought so. BUT, after some looking into "platinum" and its values by production and demmand, and how it may cost to machine, I am very sure, you will enjoy the fruits of your labours, for say 20 ears, and earn the same value if you had placed it in a bank.