Tuesday, 26 February 2013


These drastic changes will drive even more to the rewarding collecting of watches!
Right now...I am at my desk, I have 10 minutes to shower and go down to the office...but a peek at three things I want to rant over:

The new car these are my VERY lucky doctor friends last saturday, before the announcements...note my car number is now 4420.

The arrival of my Sevenfriday, which cost exactly 100x less than my Opus 3!
Square watches are a rare experience.
More later on both the unboxing/purchases of the two watches.


  1. Noooooo Bernard lastly you get your opus 3 !!! !!
    Pleeease we want to see also the presentation box......pleaseeeeee!!
    From one of your post I understand that maybe you'll not get any opus 3 anymore ! but now I saw the picture I'm so happy for you.....yeesssssss....
    Weel done doc also for the seven friday....believe me I was thinking to get one as well !

    1. Yes..the Opus3 and the Sevenfriday.
      I believe that you will be getting these really superb works and imagination, and that a more available Sevenfriday is very important to grow the whole industry upwards.

  2. Congrats Bernard!
    Opus 3 looks smashing!

    1. Nick,
      Well, MOST honestly/sincerely I would say I would be a "person of interest" when the subjects of the independents and brands are brought about.
      When HWRT went over to SWATCH group, I do not know where I stand...and for a moment in time, it mattered...and then it still mattered.
      Ego, self agrandisation, leverage, revenge...all play bigger roles than I do.
      I think these emotions control me.
      If only I could learn to control and contribute...and seek trust.
      By allowing me to have a No 8 Opus 3 is like giving me the art piece hanging on a Louve Wall...SWATCH did it.
      Like "ROOT" in the TV series :person of interest" , I am one such.
      I wish for all to do well...and for those who know me, I have no envy in my blood.
      I have lived longer, bought watches longer, analysed them because I had little money and no room for mistakes, then ANY ceo of any watch brand...from Rolex to Cartier.
      The watch industry would be myopic to see itself as pandering luxury, when it is actually building the future material goals od the generation born after 1990.

    2. Thank you for a honest reply.

      The first time I saw the Opus 3 was on the wrist of a gentleman outside the Hilton in Singapore. Didn't know what kind of watch it was at the time but those 6 circles and the case shape had my attention

  3. Bernard I know that maybe my question cannot be answered right here, but I'll try! I'm wondering how much the OPUS 3 costs today after 10 years of development ? It is more expensive than 10 years ago ?
    Thank you Bernard

  4. Finally you grab hold of a sevenfriday too! :) and btw awesome Opus 3

  5. Amazing. Would love your tutelage of watches.
    Got my SevenFriday months back. Good start towards horology i suppose?

  6. Hi Bernrard,

    how are you ?

    Just to let you know I do receive my "SEVENFRIDAY" P3 !! Wow its amazing, unfortunately I cannot post some pic here but I'll do soon on my post....I let all you know when is available !

    Have a nice day doc.