Thursday, 7 March 2013

My 10 year wait, 2003 till last week 2013, OPUS 3 platinum

For those who have read my posts since 2003 in the USA forum, thepurists, is at the Harry Winston forum..early posts as I was the moderator for Harry Winston till 2009.

Here are the OLD..2003 pics BEFORE Basel:

I had alot of FUN creating those images for the campaign, as then it was 2003, 10 years ago...and my job was to bring a brand not known for watches, into the field and attention of the major collectors.

Well, I guess I as well as Max Busser, no humility...over suceeded.

It also created Opus as a benchmark against ALL watchmaking.

The launch of Opus is actually arguably THE event of Basel, as it remained up till present days.

It was also the ghost of ONE machine, one man...Vianney Halter, who had envisioned a totally unimaginable movement...taking over an estimated 11 million chf of just r&d to solve.
Not including the cost of making these watches...estimated to cost $300,000 and more...and if sold today..$700,000 usd.

Not that I am even THINKING of selling, because for 700, cannot even get a watch that would be anything close to what the Opus 3 is.

Boiled is almost TWO grand complications, with a gyrotourb, and a grand sonnorie stuck together.

So today..or rather last week.

My younger of two girls was there when I collected another landmark, the FREAK from UN.
And it is so strange that it so happened that this time around, my elder girl was there.

I am actually so impressed with HARRY WINSTON.

Most of all...Max and Vianney, and all the people who work at AP and the watchmakers.

Thank you Harry Winston.


  1. Congratulations Bernard!

    People think Panerai watch boxes are big haha! That sure is a big one!

    Enjoy it! :)

  2. Hello! Nick..that is actually the SMALLEST and most compact of the Opus boxes I know of.
    Most boxes are big. Like 2 shoe box to 3 she box volumes.
    I think Rolex and Panerai have the right size, the normal Rolex/PAM box.

    1. Bernard please is that picture No. 9 some where ??



  3. Bernard believe me I have no word seeing reading this post.....A M A Z I N G !!!!!
    What about the seventh pictures from the still somewhere that sculpture ?? Its wonderful like the watch its self !
    Its amazing also the fact that HARRY WINSTON spend 11 million chf to solve the puzzle and give birth of one of the most incredible watch ever !
    I've seen one on my last visit at APRP, and I follow all the steps before casing...the movement its really well made, even with some compromise from the original Vianney idea !
    Well worth every single cent spend it to get it ! And also well worth all the long long long waiting list the put your hand on it !

    Compliments Bernard well usual !

  4. Hi Bernard,

    what about the seventh picture from the top ??? Is still somewhere ? Who made it ?

    My last question is about the RJ SpaceCraft, what do you think about it ?

    have a nice day


  5. Bernard, sorry I know that maybe I cannot ask you that question but you know I'm so curious, did you pay the watch back in 2003 or do you pay when you get it ?
    The HW did keep the same price tag as planned at the beginning or did they change it through the year ??

    Thank you.....

  6. Bernard an answer pleeeeeeese !!!

    Take care have a nice day


  7. Bernard,

    how are you ?

    Is that sculpture somewhere ?



  8. any news for me Beranrd ???



  9. The philosophy of the atmosphere around Greubel Forsey is similar to Marc Zakharovich Chagall.

    The quintessential watch making involving the best of both hand and computer driven numerical machines.

    It is THIS brand which will define people who found sucess, born after 1958 ...and not any other brand.

    I comment with 37 years of experience, and it was also I who was instrumental in bringing a practical approach to the collection of watches.

    I own 3 of Greubel Forsey's most important pieces. However, by being blunt, I mean no ill intent, I will say that ONLY Greubel Forsey is an investment, in the financial sense, as it is based on fundamental values and not sentiment or advertising finesse.