Sunday, 22 April 2012

Monday mornings an hour after waking up, B&O, Class 95FM, SEIKO

Jealousy and envy robs me of genuine friends.
Because I am quite sure that those who know me, with the exception of a few, are almost always sure they deserve more than what I have.
But hey..everything I have...I did not earn it.
I got it FREE.
Not hard work.
Not inheritance.
But FREE from GOD.
There are people who work harder and earned more money...but without good provinance, not an iota of joy. I thank GOD every morning I get to wake up and know that I have been extremely blessed...and will continue to get more.
And the secret is....being content.
And avoiding envy at ALL TIMES.
Counting my blessings...helps alot.
Not being ambitious helps even more.
School days are for ambitions. 50 year old folks, exercise and keep healthy.
And remain content.
And have silly trying to age backwards....I am going to see if I can be 43 next year.
 I thought I should share what happens on a MONDAY morning if my daughter is not having to go to school.
I get to wake up at 645am.
I get to see and hear the aesthetically perfect audio machine, to me, the B&O Beosound 1....why on earth did they design others today? Which look terrible!
But anyway...the first watch I see, is what I wore to bed..a $300 SEIKO maybe more or less depends on where you bought it.
This one is 1 year old.
On the office table, is the morning news, where I read about a 35 year old Singaporean who owns a house like mine, but he has a Rolls, a Lambo and an Aston.
The best part is that he didn't have to suffer med school.
He owns and operates a seafood chain...with probably lots of funding recently too.
I am envious.
But heck...I think I beat him in the rat race. When I was 30, I already had the "big house with swimming pools", and then the most expensive car, for 1990, the Mercedes SL was really expensive for its time..$430,000 on the road.
I won't ever buy a Rolls...why? Because the guy at the factory was a tad of a Goodwood...he looked at me, and sized me up as a person who could not afford his car.
I felt sorry for the bugger. I think the watch I was wearing then, at the visit, cost twice that of the most expensive Rolls he had on the floor. Heck..I was just as snobbish.
Ah...snobbery...taken in is fun.
It's a DEMON. Surely it bites both ways.
 Ahhh...the DEVON tread in its charging box.
This is not for snobs.
It is a blast to own this watch.
 B&O...certainly a snob brand.
I can't think of anyone who had no pretensions of buying one just for the design.
Except me...chuckles.

Hermes Birkin.
Snobbery at it's best.
The sales people at the local store could not recognise me, and there is little reason to, but I was more than annoyed when he and she had to tell me the price of a Jypsiere 37 if it mattered.
It did..but not in the way they thought.
Monday mornings...actually are times when my mood is good.
Because I get to do what I like....and that's being a doctor...with the luxury of not caring about the money.

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