Saturday, 14 April 2012

Wristwatches bring LIFE into any part of a cross section of a day.

Entering my 10ft by 14ft office, for consulting with patients, at a rough and tough part of the city...I have my ready made breakfast for me.
I live 5 mins walk/run/drive from the office.
I spend less than 10 mins in the car each day, compared to say 2 hours for most other people.
In 1 week, 1 hour in the car to and from work.
4 hours maximum per month, and 48 hours maximum per year,assuming I work 5 days a week, which I don't.
However, most friends/foes will spend 2 hours a day, 10 hrs a week, 40 hrs a month and 480 hours a year in their cars.
I use an MPV for work, and a Porsche 911 Carerra 2 for timeout.

This is my daily routine dish of steamed pork dumplings, which I would change every 8 months.
It was spring rolls the last time.

The FIRST picture I look at each morning, my wife, for 25 years. Blue tacked on my computer.

Here you will see snapshots of what hangs and adorns my clinical room!
TOYS, SOUVENIRS, and so on...

I don't own much medical stuff...and I have VERY bad record keeping practices...I use my memory.
Which is reliable, it always works out good things.

I like using photos.
I lead and still lead a colorful life, above and beyond most 99% of the world.
But that's not what I have accomplished.
It's what it simply IS.

Most times...people who enter my clinic have only 2 impressions, (1) this guy does not need to work here or (2) this is all a fake, a show.

Well, I do exist, and the pictures are old, many were taken on film, and not digital.

 Newspapers are what they are, if you are paranoic...they are not real.
If you have some delusions of grandeur...they are also not real.
For me...I collect all papers with "me" or my family in it...I have to renew all wall pictures every few years.
I am proud of that...sort of a town mouse who made it to city mouse.

I love my 2 screens..22 and 24 inch...there were once 3 screens, but a 27 inch imac is soon coming this way!!!!

My Canon lens cup/mug.
You know...I was once very proud NOT to carry a hp.
Now...I have to, my assiistant/secretary cannot reach me without it.

Medical pics to scare paitients.

Even the door has news paper cuttings of me...such vanity.
But..that's my footprint in time.
I have no other footprints, besides my kids.

Next, I take my hypertensive meds...been on these for 3 years.
I am also a fervent believer in taking a sip of cough syrup with codeine to inject some LIFE and FUN into each day....not something doctors should be advocating...but that's the truth. FIRST of 100 patients that I will see from now till 430pm.
He has aPorsche Designed 7750 movement, isn't Singapore lovely?

Of course, as herr Doktor, I must wear something superior...and there you are...the DB28!!!!

 My next few patients all wear the G Shock...hmmm...I too once collected these things.

This is the view of my dispensing area thru the hole in my wall!

I have toys EVERYWHERE.
This one, is a Sopwith Camel that reminds me that I am still nothing but Snoopy the dog.

It is 430pm, and I am HOME.

I walk down from the lobby of my house to the dining area to check my mail.

My DOGGY, a cartoon creation I made, some 18 years ago for my daughter.
And finally, just before I post, dinner with mum.

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  1. Nice cheery Britto and Tread 1 used as a chock for the toy Camel... "sort of a town mouse who made it to city mouse."
    Love it!!