Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Omega Ploprof looks at home with expensive stuff

 It feels right with a 911 or a Toyota RAV (my usual car).
And it was born at almost the same time, with changes made slightly..bec the damned watch was rightly made.
Functionally beautiful.
It belongs on both an oil rig as well as a woman's wrist.
 This is what I am wearing now as I post....OK..this watch gets much much more attention.

 As you can see, the Omega Ploprof sort of feels RIGHT among all these fellows.
Not too expensive.
And it sort of has a place here.
Note the 20 year old Omega Seamaster pro next to it.
That watch has also been around...a long time!

 Note the OLD 1960s model of the ploprof is almost identical...small details...
 Today's watch is much more refined because of modern machining.
CNC cutting is everything to the edges we can achieve today.

 The Ploprof today has a relevant movement, an industrially perfected and reliable George Daniels direct drive, it allows a very convenient way to adjust the hour hand forwards and backwards, without harming the watch, or moving the minute hand.

The watch is nice, good, and will last a few hundred years.
With the coaxial movement, it will last forever.
And it looks good when it gets scratched and seasoned...always an important factor.
Just like shoes or Birkin bags or Porsche 911"s

I highly recomend it.
In fact, I was among the first to own one when it was launched.
And I actually was crazy enough to bid for a solid gold model!

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