Friday, 27 April 2012

Resigning from a community I love is a difficult choice.

However, I have always been spoilt and had people kow tow to my selfish ideas and rules, at my business.

But, I thought, I should put myself, just for the experience, in other's shoes...and learn to resign, to leave, any workplace, for good.

From today...I will be spending time with watchmakers and watch collectors.

No more posting to forums.

I feel a GREAT sense of joy and a weight off my shoulders.

More later!


  1. Good decision, when your honest, well-intended and thought provoking conversational approach receives a terribly hostile reception from very closed minded people then you should dedicate your efforts elsewhere. All the best.

    1. I agree with you.
      But here, I can share that privately, the forum I am refering to deserves a 2nd was once good. expansive in horizons. Powerful enough to change concepts of tradition, and to introduce business into and creators unknown.
      The process is VERY difficult.
      Using sex, and i think not crudely, was to annoy and to stimulate argument...and not narrow personal attacks. As can be seen in the remark below.

  2. "Thought provoking and conversational approach"????

    You're confusing Socrates with Larry Flint.

  3. Glad to have you back over there, Bernard! It's fun to read your far-ranging comments here, and I'll be looking for many more of your excellent horology-specific posts there...

  4. Thanks Gary.
    The purists need help to let go. If it does, the paradox begins.
    It is a good site, with many good people.
    But, because my main love for watches is a love for people...I want to see it grow, in any direction.
    Every person is of great interest to me...even when they hate what I have to say.