Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I learn that I am but a lowly country mouse. SHOES and me.

 My first picture shows that I am a country mouse.
Because that is me, flying over country...just no city in sight.
 That has alot to do with the fact that Pierre Corthay made me these shoes.
Look at the stitch!!!
Look at how even, how neat, tight,.
Note that the leather is colored by hand.
There are individual colors here...and each piece was selected by hand.
Each shoe, this is a piece unique, is different left from right.

 This here, is my DAILY work bag..a 50cm Birkin.
It carries and ECG, oxygen, and even a full cardio resusitation kit.
It can do that because it is TOUGH.
It is from the v series, with no border markings! the legend..the 60cm Birkin.
It is NOT a luggage Birkin, but a real BIRKIN.
The insides reveal that.
But it is now used to carry drip and resuscitation equipment!
 These are the close ups of the shoes.
I found out that they appeared on the New York Times.
I know...nothing.

French shoemaker Pierre began his career at the top. At John Lobb, followed by Berluti and then his own workshop where he produced shoes for Dior, Lanvin, Yohji Yamamoto and The Sultan of Brunei who of course ordered 150 pairs !
 “This shoe is all about angles and curves: its broguing follows winding lines from the wingtip front to the side panels to the heel counter. The Vendome’s sloping modern shape is the perfect finish to its design.” They rate Corthay’s work as a class of its own, this the FIRST multicolor, even before those of Prada's, which I own at a FIFTH of the those, for rough use!!!!

AHHH...I am a SNOB!!!!!! A blasted snob on vodka!
 Look at the sole.
Look at the stitch on the sole.
Look at the DEEP hand colors.
Applied by hand.

Touch the link below:

I forgot...look at shoes without the colors:

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