Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The algorythm for extreme frontier style FUN (aka madness)

(1) Take $1,000,000 usd in cash.

(2) Roam, trawl, read, learn, decide....over 2 years or less. Rush a little.

(3) When about ready to take a few days off work. Buy a GOOD business class trip return.

Hmmm..Singapore or Hong Kong or Taiwan are good.  If english is the language of thought, Singapore is first choice.

Although the economy is bad all over the damned world, used watches, of any good value, is still EXPENSIVE, and will remain so, if they are of a certain caliber of in ability to exude both beauty, curiosity, charm, intrique and retain value.

Hence $1,000,000 maybe/could be needed.

(4) Spend easily the first $500,000 on watches or even ONE watch.

(5) Go home, before you feel as if you may kill yourself (or your wife would).

(6) Mull over, beard scratching, contemplate the foolishness or wisdom of your totally irrational deeds, especially if you had great need for that money you spent.

(7) are wiser. You have even trawled the net all over again.
Repeat all the steps 1 to 4, but with $500,000.

(8) you return home. Man..that was TOTALLY irresponsible, but you would have learnt so much about EVERYTHING, that they never teach/taught you in school.

Life is and can be INCREDIBLY enjoyable....MUCH better than just working and saving for mediocrity!

Apply this same algorythm for many other pursuits.

This formula will always deliver consistent results!

(1) Questions on life.
(2) What one can achieve without harm (physically)
(3) You will have some really serious museum level pieces of art, that are qite hardy and maintenance free.

See below:

Oh...I forgot.

So ONE EXTRA watch, so you won't scratch or scuff those babies!!! At least not too often.
And choosing THIS one will guess what ELSE you bought!
Buy one, just ONE kick ass mother of a watch, something like that bloody SEIKO Galante sbla 065 that I had been going on and on about.

It kicks the ass of quite a few Panerais right out of the ocean, or rather...back into the ocean.

Just kidding...but a mother of a TOUGH watch with a HEAVY shit of a price tag is what you WANT.

BUT...with a brand that NOT one will guess even $7,000 within range!!!! Something like a SEIKO, often mistaken for a few hundred bucks!!!!

This one is, take my word, EXTREMELY UGLY, and it is this extreme, and that its FIRST reaction would be VERY negative....that gives it its FIRE.

OK..I really am getting to like this darn watch after a week!!!

I have had enormous fun NOT telling people the REAL $7,000 price tag.  That's stealth, if you want to really experience it. AND furher more, it is worth more than that...for a limited 62 pieces!!! All hand assembled with an unimaginable attention that it merits physchological examination....of the people who can do it.

I had the fortune of visiting it..nothing to out of bounds places.

The work..the polish...the cut...the weght is 278 gm and not 243 gm, making it HEAVIER than an Opus V.

These words are spoken not as a "reviewer", but as an owner of BOTH.

I have finally found another Panerai for myself.

It is RIGHT. A very extreme equivalent, with NO resemblances at all...except for the over the top feel and weight!!!!

Women who wish to wear it...think Panerai, this thing is twice the weght, and you WILL FALL if you are on 4 inch heels!

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