Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Supercars are the same price as super watches outside Singapore. American musclecar superwatch equivalent's FIRST LOOK.

A european supercar will cost $100,000 to $300,000 and more...and so do their watches.
The USA however, also had and still have their OWN the Corvette and the Shelby Cobra from the present and past.

A bigger market, their cars were almost always unique in their identity...often not so well understood by the narrower, winding roads of smaller countries like europe and all.

Their watch industry was reborn lately with FULLY USA made parts, with just one small chip set from a high end Japanese maker.

The DEVON TREAD has now gone an IRONMAN avenger style reboot.

It is 10% quartz, 90% mechanical, as I would expect an american watch should be...electronically managed mechanical. It is the home and maker of what is today's internet.
Priced at a Rolex Daytona in steel.
See what I mean by value for money?

Not cheap, but not $100,000 and above.

Here it is, your first look at what has not been seen yet:


  1. I have a crush on this watch, it is so disruptive !
    A unique design, a unique way to display time and the box is amazing.

    And when the numbers start moving...OH MY ..!!

    This watch is definitely a timepiece that you should wear if you are confident and ready to answer questions from everyone that a look at your wrist.

  2. Hi Marc,
    The Devon is TOTALLY relevant and a landmark me,a contemporary collector, it is a true blue american thing.
    It mUST have electronics and it must have "supercar status" and it must have a price that is always a pain for the europeans!!!
    Somehow, they always manage to create a car or watch that is "affordable" and can play ball at the high end. Only american high end audio is too expensive to compete.