Wednesday, 16 May 2012

First things and last things, hellos and good byes.

Goodbye to Ang Mo Kio.
This picture shows in 1974, I think..err no dating.
The Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 and the flyover that crosses it at the CTE.
People who live outside Singapore...this was one of the last pig farms.
I wished I owned a Raleigh Chopper, $250 to $350 then, but we could only afford this..and I loved my parents sacrifice for buying this bike for was the ONLY non European bike in my school..ACS.
I live forever...maybe not...I don't know...I am planning to visit someone in the USA for an analysis...if I am in the shadow of the uber wealthy. must go on.

Good bye to old colleagues!!!
Good friends are these who I believe are ones who are always consistent in being happy to see you happy....and to suceed.
And help you suceed and go further and beyond to your dreams.
Helping me behind my back.
I only realised how much I owed them very much later...20 years later.

Goodbyes to working from 8am to 1pm the NEXT day!!!
Goodbye to NIGHT shifts!!!!

Hello to private first days as a private practioner, a GP, at a posh clinic in town..the then Grand Central Clinic right smack in the city...and also branches way in the Jurong area.
They were VERY good bosses and I hated to leave.

But that's why I have to say in the next post...being poor and being rich.
It's more fun to be rich.
Silly thing to say...but it HAS to be said...because I believe that with provinance as a major will leave behind poverty or the lack of leverage. Whatever.

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