Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition 2012 , rare appearance

This is a VERY rare appearance of the watch on the web.

At this time, May 2012, if you tried google, you can hardly find a picture of it.

It is the one speedmaster that has NO typical 3 round circles demarking the totalisers.
The dial is a solid milled coin of silver.
When I handled it, it was so darn beautiful, to me, it can polarise tastes...I bought one! It is about $7,000 usd.

By the time you read this...all 1972 pieces may have been sold..I am not sure.
If anyone asks me for a watch which will have potential for becoming both an interesting talking item, and a high likelyhood of good resale value, it will be very hard to name any below $10,000 usd.

BUT..this is a chance that this one will be.

Usually, the speedmasters do not match the Rolex Explorers et al, but then, that applies only for unused or very mint, complete Rolexes. Speedmasters however, can still sell well after they have been used.

Limited editions are ok. For speedmaster editions.

This one, is very special, it is the first without the distinctive 3 circles on the dial.
And its aesthetic is remarkable, unusual and very unlike any other of the many limited editions.

And the price point is very low for such a piece, that's only IMHO.

Try googling for its image or articles.


  1. Hi Bernard

    I have to say its a stunning piece! Does it have solid or exhibition caseback?

  2. Hi Nick,
    The caseback is solid.