Saturday, 12 May 2012

SEIKO GALANTE sbla limited spring drive series

OK...I have to submit my first fortnight's feelings.
The Galante was intimidating, and frighteningly strange...almost UGLY.
BEFORE I decided to buy one.

You will NEVER get true life reports like these!!!

First, people never..I won't even say don' watches they find weird, ugly etc. was because of my SINGULAR faith in SEIKO's design folks, who I have met in face to face in Japan...and because I am also a FIRM, very FIRM believer in SPRING DRIVE technology, that I simply cannot believe that SEIKO will make an incredulous mistake.


I bought the sbla 065 with a blood red rose...accuracy for blood color, 100% score!!!

And here it is after 2 weeks, on Irin Gan, a well known face in the TV and modeling world, and fortunately, a chance to get it on her wrist.

So...initial and honest as I could persaude...all 12 women who I have asked, found the sbla065 to be VERY VERY desirable. This was a SURPRISE, as normally many would flinch at the price of the watch from SEIKO...$10,800 sgd to be exact!!!

What did I do?
Well...I immediately bought the sbla061 as many who read this blog will know.
It will arrive next week.
And is tatooed!!!
Nuff said for now!!!!

It is limited to 30 pcs in the world.
Beat that for say...a Bronzo PAM..which having one as well, no one can accuse me of say..."bias"?


  1. That SBLA 061 model looks amazing! Any idea how someone in the US can get one?

    1. is extremely difficult. I tried Rakuten, but because each retailer gets only 1 out of 30 or 52 pcs made a year, the chances are low.
      I was fortunate to have a good friend in Tokyo, who went personally to the shop.
      In Paris, there are 2 pieces, but are of a different design.
      In Sydney, there is also 1 pc. But I am not sure where.
      I can safely assure you that the Galante of 2013 should be quite collectable...the produce, like some good wine, is so low!

  2. U interested in selling yours?