Friday, 25 May 2012

37 watches that I simply picked at random, which I wear often..The HEAVY to the LIGHT

This is totally anal.

But out of curiosity, I guess there are few owners who would have enough variety to compare, definetely a few Singaporeans, and a few Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese would have similar spreads...but this could be the FIRST time you see the watches being WEIGHED all at one go:

No surprises here, except that the SEIKO Galante is VERY heavy, remember that it is a steel watch, probably the bracelet.

The one surprise is the OMEGA is really solid here..and no bracelet!!!

The MB&F 1 is quite OK..but sure feels heavy.

The LIGHTEST will be this tiny sized (33mm) quartz movement London Olympics souvenir.

But impressive is the amazingly made, and amazingly finished DB28..the winner of the best watch of 2011 at the GPHH.

I have prepared some articles on it, and a google on "Bernard Cheong Debethune" or DB28 Bernard Cheong will help.



  1. Really enjoy reading your posts Bernard!

  2. Dear Nick,
    Thanks man!!! I am very happy that you are able to see the lack of respect, so to say, of my ramblings on "branded goods". Then again, I always make fun of it so that they are not taken seriously.
    I feel that some things, like certain watches, cars or chair designs, bags..they have what is of GOOD WORK.
    As a kid, teachers and parents tell us to do GOOD WORK.
    But as grown ups...good work is often expensive stuff!!! Branded stuff is NOT always goodwork, most are at the moment, but as greed takes control, as it often will...branded things must be carefully examined for appearances and bullshit.

    I hope you do find reading these writtings of some use in REAL LIFE. And how we see things.

  3. Those kind of writings help people and collector to think outside of all the marketing bullshit that we get served everyday on watches !
    Marketing is good when done right, when you are not lying and just trying to tell what is the story of a product.
    By heart I know some of the beautiful stories that brands want to tell us because they have passion and emotion, they are really into the product they are creating!

    Some stories are good some are stupid and made by non-passionate poeple (passionate about the money most of the time!), some are big lies and want to distort they reality...!

  4. Marc, I agree.
    The job of marketing is very difficult, because the people who have been chosen to do it, are not living inside the field of their target market.
    That's almost impossible. If they were inside, and able to buy the same product...they may not be marketing..chuckles.
    Maybe the answer is to have marketing people who are in the position to buy...but in the mind. That may work.
    I cannot afford to buy an F15 fighter plane, but I can market it.

  5. Hi Bernard,

    Compliments to you and thank you for sharing with us these fantastic pictures, and to let us know everything about your collection!

    You know on your pictures I never see the incredible OPUS 3!! Haven't they delivered it yet ? I'm quite sure that you got one!! Is it possible to see some picture of the presentation box? I'm wondering how it looks like! And why not also some pic of the watch! You know I love the watches and also the presentation box, that's why I'm asking you some pic!

    Have a nice day

    Thank you very much


    1. Hello my friend,
      The OPUS 3? I am still waiting for mine.

    2. Wow....

      Nearly 10 year now!! Amazing! Do you know more or less when they will delivery yours?

      On my last visit @ Renaud & Papi I saw some of them alomst ready, and I was thinking maybe they are ready to delivery some of them!!

      Anyway stunning piece!

      What about the sixth and seventh?? Did you buy some?

      Sorry if I keep ask you many question,but you know I love the watch world!

      What do you think do you gonna by the eleventh and the twelfth as well??

      Thanks again,

      take care


    3. Hi Bernard,

      any news...on when they will send you the OPUS 3??

      Thanks very much


  6. Hi Bernard again,

    I can't believe how light is the Aiguille d'or 2011 DB28!!

    He really surprised me!! Amazing timepiece!!

    Take care


  7. Hi Bernard,

    sorry but where is the watch No. 37?? I only can count 36 watches!! :-)

    Have a nice day


    1. I am preparing one...but if you go to the purists, and search for will find a post with the 37th watch.

    2. Yesssss....

      De grisogono OTTURATORE!!!

      Now I remember I saw in some pic. you was wearing it once!

      Take care


  8. So for an ordinary blue collar worker who wants to have a really nice timepeice whose movements he can appreciate for under sgd 1-2k ? what would you recommend him? :)

    1. Muhdzal,
      I will HIGHLY recomend you search for a SEIKO diver that is called the Master marine 300, sbdx001.
      Not kidding at all!
      It is a helluva good piece. Seiko makes this watch as a watch that is meant to be used...not as a desk diver!
      However, the quality is immediately palpable!
      In the USA, it is highly covetd..and it has been in production for many many years.
      see if you can find SJX's website or watchuseek..these and thepurists are pretty good info on such watches...not easy to get.

    2. Mudzal,
      This SEIKO is not at all inexpensive, even used, it is about $2300 sgd.
      I recently bought the Spacewalk, and it is a SEIKO, and it is about $26,000!!!
      SEIKOs are not cheap, but right now, very under priced.