Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The 10th Anniversary Freak of Ulysse Nardin 2012

This is a "mass" of silicium. A compound that resembles freeze dried mercury.
From this, the various critical elements that allow the Freak to work and to discharge it's power into an unconventional escapement.
This 2012 is the wrold's tenth anniversary of a watch without a case.
The body of gold or platinum is a part of the movement itself.

The Freak's unconventional parts require hand assembly and an ultra clean room.
With the most demanding task being the assembly of the balance wheel.
This bridge is super thin, and almost weightless.

These silicium parts were grown in a chamber very much like a high end camera lens.

Each part is programmed into existence.
An era with which today, many will use, including Patek and Breguet.

The parts demand profiles so small, it is not possible to make by any human machine.

Pierre Gygax explained in 2007, how after 5 years, the Freak grew into the Innovision Freak.

I recall that I had wondered aloud with him, how a tourbillon fixed onto the balance maybe mischievious and will create a philosophical puzzle..a tourbillon within a carousel that has no decorative parts...each part, each shape, are functional.

The 2007 platinum Freak shrouded in black paint..the megaFreak, called innovision.

Touching it, these are my fingers, I had no idea that in 2012, I too will own a platinum Freak number 0 of 75. With the same said tourbillon.

My favorite place to have a beer and a pork leg in Zurich.

The hilly slopes where Sigatec and Mimotec and...Giger's Alien were born. Those were the seminal ingredients of the Freak's incredible journey to its 10th birthday.

My own Diavolo Freak number 0.

On the mid week of August, we will see the 10th anniversary Freak here...and all the fortunate people who believed in the first of the Freaks will have a most happy surprise.


  1. Hi Beranrd,

    Thanks for this great post!
    Wow the Freak it is really a great piece, at that time it was really a vision, and he's precursor Mr. Schnyder was the maximum spokesman!

    The mega Freak innovision, the black one. Do you own that?? I believe that it is in plastic, is that correct or is it one of the first working prototypes?

    Also Mimotec is a great company, they can do amazing things with silicon. They were a great help to Ulysse Nardin in achieving their goal to create a full silicon escapement!!

    I'm looking forward to see the fantastic surprise that you have prepared for us!

    Have a nice day...


    1. The black Innovision is in platinum. It was painted black to disguise it as a prototype, and remains within the confines of the UN factory in Neuchatel.

      It is a one off. The one that is working.