Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rich men and the CHINA GIRL syndrome

NO watches here...just a slice of life.

These are the kinds of essays written after too much single malt.

Because rich men, for the most part are driven and confident.
These traits usually result in men becoming rich.
Women are probably as much attracted to the money as men, but to the person that makes the money, women sort of will be curious about those kind of men.
It takes a certain type of person to be rich.
That said, you WILL FIND women who HATE rich guys, especially if they didn't make the money themselves.

In MANY ways, if I were a parent, and I am...but not of sons, I would be LARGELY concerned if I had "robbed" my own kids of a chance of making it on their own.

No matter if your dad did or did not give you money, the talk will go around that you would NEVER have made it without "dad".

Well...I am often the SHALLOW guy when I was in school. The only reason why I wanted to do well, was to get a high paying job. That was 1970.

Today, my life is no longer that of work, as much as getting annoyed that people make soooo much more money than I do. matter what you have and who you marry...the grass is greener elsewhere!

My take on it for inner content. And strangely, it helps me feel better when I can help a younger person, who is not wealthy, become wealthy.

Maybe I am a one of the good guys.

Looking at the women above, and the guys with could adverts place pretty BOYS with girls?

I always do wonder if these are men kept by RICH girls. wife hates the social escort dresses I seem to have a taste for!

Rich guys only have good taste for cars.

That's the next issue of life.

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