Friday, 22 June 2012


Because you are bombarded by feelings of NOT HAVING.

Think about it.

I may be the most lacking in the rules of psychoanalysis. But I have spent 30 years LISTENING to people who lack, and to those who have a spare 10 million chf or usd in cash...but still "lack".

WHY do these people feel as if they lack choices?

Some, most are imginary. I have been BOTH poor and now "not poor".

I don't have the answers.

BUT...I guess I have the MAP out of this:

And it will not be just collecting or shopping for theraphy.

It will begin with a search for friends who will not judge you, and you can FEEL that they are genuinely NOT judging you by your wealth or the lack of it...or any sucess.

One thing I am CONSISTENT about.

SEX and its derivatives move us around like chess pieces on a board that is essentially our DAILY lives in a reactive way.

This post will have NO watches.

But to SELL watches, ALL companies, even those without ONE picture of a sexy woman/man IS USING SEX to sell.

Make NO mistake.

If you REALLY wish to see how and what a watch article of WORTH will look like, there are few.

Mine is NOT one of them. I don't sell anything but my beliefs.

For REALLY GOOD SOLID OPINION driven articles on watches GO TO:

and place that in your favorites list!

By the way, this is MY subconcious world.

If you are depressed, you will loose this world...and live on logic.
And becareful, it sucks, not like she would.


  1. Ingenius thoughts!! Great!

  2. Greetings! who would I know , can claim NEVER to have had depression?

    NO ONE.

    Reactive or neurotic, depression is as real as a dose of LSD. But deadlier.

    Make no mistake, if you have ever had more than 24 hours of depressive thoughts...TALK to a REAL friend. Being a doctor, I should say...see a shrink.

    But honestly, over 90%, and I am being generous...of shrinks are NOT sympathetic to depresives.

    A GOOD friend will save your ass...depression burns like LSD would. Deadly.