Thursday, 14 June 2012

Friends in memory of Rolf Schnyder. Ulysse Nardin's greatest chapter of history began with this man.

In memory of my friend, who helped me find myself.

In a world without envy. I found true friendship.

Isolation, beauty, the incredible beauty of St Moritz and the spiritual presence of Rolf Schnyder...the man who would live to rebuild the watch industry.

 The view from my bedroom at a hotel where Rolf would stay each year.

Thanks to Datin Chai Schnyder and family.

St Moritz is a magical place..and I have been to many, many snow fields and even ice stations...

Above, a Ulysse Nardin rare complication...on the wrist of an aristocratic lady..

 True friends...
we meet only once a year...
I guess I would never have had this intimate experience without Rolf.

 My BEST friend..Dolly, my wife.

Celebrating Rolf's life!!!

Rolf made many runs here..and was a great sportsman.

The icy snow and the UN Marine Diver.

The train stops to let us off...

 I have been to quite a few of the world's "super" mountains...but this place had a magical touch.

 The place where ski as a sport all began...

One can easily recognise Rolf...

Wives and friends forever.

The history of this place...

Isolation and beauty


  1. A touching post to a great man of the industry RIP Rolf

  2. I once went to their party. It was Rolf's birthday. They hired a stripper to dance with Rolf,. She just had a panty on. Rolf picked her up and buried his face between her boobs while his wife looked on. What do you make of that? but that was well 20 years ago. Did he change along the years?