Friday, 15 June 2012

"The Office" , No clinic looks like this..

This is an HDB clinic.
I work in the most low and humble environments, because here...I can make a difference.
But one has to come to terms with the lack of prestige and "branding"...not at all a problem for me.
This is where I guess I make my life useful and I can contribute.
I cannot be happy in a specialist setting, because I will not make a single iota of difference.
I simply lack the drive.
Here, I can enjoy coming to work...because I don't need to.
That makes ALL the difference...NO STRESS.
Here, my mind is reset to "all give, no take".
Just to share a part of my most private life, as this is never seen in the web or the magazines!


  1. I love the picture where Mr.Rolf Schnyder is sitting in the freak!I think that refer's to he's 75th birthday!

    By the way many compliments doc, for the all the articles you are in!!!

    Have a nice day