Sunday, 10 June 2012

Citizen Professional Dive watches on ECODRIVE (one of my favorites)

Greetings!!! Now, I must admit that I don't always wear "expensive" watches.
It is how relevant to design and to the era (history) of my own time, that I wish to leave behind for my children.
The values. This watch for example is a GREAT watch to own. I have both the automatic (mechanical miyota movement) and this Ecodrive.
They come in steel, like this one...or in titanium.
The mecanical one has a removable bezel for cleaning off salt water.
The attention to detail and the amazing accuracy of this and SEIKO's springdrives are superb.
But no one really buys these watches for is for the beautiful weight, heft, design and value.
It is totally inexpensive.
Google ebay for an example of prices!

I have had this watch. thanks 100% to help from and advice from SJX should visit the blog called "SJX watches" , useful and totally objective.

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