Tuesday, 26 June 2012

SEIKO GALANTE discovery of a new "NAMIKI" LEVEL assault?

I have been so impressed by the SEIKO Galante that I posted earlier, that despite the odds, I persisted in getting another.

This one, the sbla061 is even MORE rare.

I will not write, because the beauty of the watch is something.

I used to say, and I will stick to my word...that a relevant design breakthru has to have ONE powerful ingredient:
70% must like/love it and 30% must hate one must find it "acceptable".

I am sure it is now easier to find the 30% who will hate it.
ALL market's good finds begin this way...or else, how can anyone buy low, sell high?

Note that BOTH have a flower on the dial.
One is in white with fine lines...the other is BLOOD RED, almost black, with the same fine etched lines. Only a better camera can convey.

The finish of the hands and the polish, is, at least to me...superior or on par with the best of the swiss.
This is trouble on the horizon...and with these reasonable prices, and rare numbers...30 to 50 a year...BIG trouble.

But exciting for collectors who are not seekers of status, but seek the very best.

Understanding spring drive will be the BIGGEST hurdle...I can accept it.

But enough speculation:


  1. PRICE? $8,000 usd IF you can find one.
    But will cost much more for the good rare ones...the Astroboy for example has fetched $xx,xxx dollars!!!! Faint!!!!

  2. Indeed this Galante collection is very unique. The design is never seen before and the finishing look top-notch !

    I agree when you said that for a watch to be successful ONE DAY and to be recognizable 30% (at least) of the people will hate it simply because it is "different" (and this can be applied to anything else other than watches).

    I also think that this strong design could not be made by a "new" brand because it would have no legitimacy at all to do such a thing.
    Only a brand that has prove many times that it can produce a high-end watch for a reasonable price can do this.

  3. Why is your blog bernardatdermawan? dermawan means charitable... :D

    1. Dermawan is the name of my street. It was named after philantrophy, errrr...well, the houses at this cul de sac are rather large.
      I bought mine at a price of $800,000.
      So...I was lucky.
      My neigbours, who came in after 2009, paid 7 million.

  4. WOW this is amazing watch, I just have to say that. I love SEIKO.

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