Friday, 29 June 2012

Sony Nex7 or Nex 7 bought and now being used

I bought a Sony Nex 7 with 2 lenses, the usual supplied zoom...and a surprising macro!
The macro is superb, and the results in bokeh and sharpness is comparable to my Canon 100 macro and MPE65 on a Canon 1D mark2.

No doubt that is a very old camera, but it has published more than 100 pics in magazines/papers globally in the years 2007 to 2009.

This set of Sony gear is SMALL.

But I would NOT advise for casual is over loaded with features you will not need, at all!

I would..bec I am a photo junkie.

All the same..this blog will soon have quality pics.


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    1. Bernard,

      very good camera!! Even the nex 5 was a very good camera, but with this one I think Sony made a really good job!

      So now you have a good MACRO lens to shoot my 911 watch!! So you can send me a very good picture of it! Pleaseeeeee!!!

      Thank you very much


    2. OK...I will post it up as a post on this site.
      It think it will be fun.