Saturday, 23 June 2012

Would you choose (1) money (2) respect (3) freedom of choice

(This post will risk the wrath and ire of women.
Unless you are in a frame of mind that is forgiving, read no further.)

What is the "last frontier"?
The voice in Star Trek implies that SPACE could be regarded as the last frontier. Reasonable.
Have you considered that it is really our minds, the part that creates our persona, that IS the LAST FRONTIER?

What is anything that alters our perception, reasoning, moods and self awareness?
Why do people resort to drugs and medication? I don't.
But why do others?
Is it wrong?

I can only share that I am fortunate and lucky. Even blessed. That life has almost always been a breeze, since I left university after completing a set target of study. Medicine. Today, I do regret, that I should have stayed further, to explore another frontier.

I decided that one of the MOST rewarding challenges that faced me after graduation was the mind. My mind, to be exact.

Immediately after graduation, I began to set into place parameters that I would have to pass. Money, information and an access to my own ability to  analyse my own mind. These three seems simple by today. But in the year 1982, I was penniless, homeless, no car, no job.

My mind wandered to:

I had supportive parents who had enough to pay the bills, and love. One great and patience. Today I am sure it was the ultimate gift of my parents heritage, love, patience and their inborn intelligence and approach to problem mum and dad had parents (my grandparents) who could drive until age 88 or so. They spoke over 6 languages fluently. Escaped death from the second world war at their doorsteps. THAT was the kind of people that genetically created my parents.

Thru turmoil in the 1950s, my parents migrated to Singapore and married. I was born in 1958.

 Poverty ruled the day. But we always had enough.

 My parents were and remain incredibly cohesive.

I would always cherish the template they used to child upbringing...and for that I have 2 daughters who were largely influenced by my wife. Who I must admit, could have married someone better than I.

Today, I have more than enough to stand tall against the most destructive forces known to success:

(1) Envy

(2) Lack of generosity

(3) Selfishness

 I know of VERY few, if none, wealthy and talented men and women, who have the same ability to come up against these most primal forces that actually are the bricks that bring and build success.

How can one use them, and later, leave them you must, if you have the desire to find joy.

 You know, it is NOT either can choose both the above and :

and all red blooded males will throw in again:


But I do have my own way.

(1) Be totally inquisitive about what makes oneself happy.

(2) Pursue it.

(3) Share it.

Finally, never get too philosophical. It will destroy whatever you made. Whatever you gained. Philosophy is and will be always a very sharp tool, without a handle. No one has found a handle for the sword. Realising that philosophy cuts many ways, great men have tried to use it...but on reading their works, I have come to the conclusion that they did not attempt to forge a handle or instrument to hold the sword. hence, it cut their hands the very moment they attempted to grasp it.

OK..the whiskey has worn out.

Let's go back to watch collecting and the world of trade.
Madison Avenue got it right in 1963, and they got it again in 2006.

To sell is is to convince, convert, conquer.
And almost always, as the newspapers have shown, even the most innocent will buy:


  1. Always a great idea to share your thoughts and path of life.
    Everyone should read about other people life, firstly to avoid making the same mistakes and secondly to learn from them and know that a lot of things can be achieved.
    You always have to set new goals and new challenges whatever they are : family, money, work, knowledge

  2. Marc,
    I TOTALLY agree. If at age of 50 to 60...and I, speaking for myself, don't set NEW goals, big or small, I will dwindle my life down.
    From experience, it takes about $100 in cash, just $100..usd or make a goal.
    If you have $10,000...the goal can be huge.
    If you have $100, on.
    It takes money, but NOT that much as most think...because we have the web, and the keyboard. And a simple digicam.

  3. Well I cannot agree more, I am currently working on a project right now and it is currently and it did not cost that much to start it (less than 100$) !
    I believe that as soon as you throw yourself into work and make everything possible to achieve a goal you cannot lose.
    If you lose it means that you gave up (a bit utopian but I try to believe in this)