Sunday, 10 June 2012

How safe is your city? Singapore. Happiness. Content. Always have an intense hobby.

I have spent almost all my years living a double life.
I work in the most humble of living areas in sunny Singapore.
I have a sincere appreciation for the folks who are and were my patients, ALL of them...including the ones who absolutely hate me...because I have offended them unintentionally, or they may have been over optimistic about what I can do.

But being a General Practioner within a tough area where many are having a very togh time to make ends meet is a total opposite of my other world.

I had dinner in a home of a very influencial man, spreading over 30,000 sq feet of good class property.
I can understand that being rich is always relative!
Most people will classify me as rich, except probably 10,000 other folks on this island of 5 million people.
On the other hand, I meet 80% of this 10,000 and only 5% of the 5 million.
I always feel poor!!!
I think I would go mad if I were to work at a high end place with only wealthy patients.

Being a mediocre, I wish I was better, "bernard Cheong and doctor" or "bernard cheong and clinic" and you will see what I mean.

That said...Singapore is a HAPPY PLACE, because people here are well educated and exposed. Almost ALL my patients have travelled extensively, and know about fine things...because homes and cars are out of reach for 90% of people now aged 33...if they have not bought both yet...they are finding alternatives to equalise themselves.

They have done well.

Relatively speaking, I too am one who has not enough money for a good class bungalow in district 9,10 and 11.

But I have a good collection of watches and antiquities.

And Singapore is DARN safe, that I am worried that young people from our country are not street smart enough to be safe in tough places.

Last night, we could carry in an obvious trunk, LV..8 fine watches and have and go home at 12 midnight, walking thru dark alleys in this place you see here:


Roger Smith and Vianney Halter and Dufour have been here too!

Same freindly staff...and we like them very much!!!

Solid SEIKO GALANTE on the table...

I brought along these:

After dinner, back to my home...I took a couple of shots to remember this collection, before I keep it away.
I will be wearing very much simpler watches for the next 3 months.
SEIKOs and Panerais and IWCs and Ulysse Nardins.

It's a cycle thing.

I don't want you to get the WRONG imprssion that I am loaded with cash.
I am not.
I have only watches, a house and a car.

Bank account...very small.
Less than most doctors.

The point of this post today, is the collection of these watches.

Most people of my "status", would have Langes and Pateks.

I don't have many of them...more than these 8 of course..but I love these pieces more.
Look at the depth of design and tactile sensation..even visually, they are curiosities.

One tip:
if you collect watches, worry a little about how they look together in a box.
There has to be a dynamic tension...a relationship.

The IWC repeater with Hermes hand sewn crocodile strap is from 2006, and from another box of watches..more classical.


  1. Bro, It ain't what you have, it is who you are.You are an amazing guy. Thanx for the occassional cameraderie. Cheers.

    1. Greetings Bill, are a person I would endorse! I still have the memory of that fabulous whiskey!

  2. As the Spanish would say it takes some "cojones" lug those watches without a worry lol!

    I would agree with Mr Hedmans comment. Its the person not the possessions he or she has.

    Hopefully can meet you one day Bernard!

    1. Well..I am on this unique island. Are you in Singapore?

  3. Yes I am! One of the best places to see watches