Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Panerai versus my Seiko, after 6 years of wear and tear.

I bought the Pam 243 in 2006...and during that time, I had already owned "many" I used this as an everyday "doctor's" watch....interestingly..I later bought the 2007 Seiko Honda Kinetic ltd edition F1 watch...and this had a new form of Kinetic.
I wear it as often as the Pam...

I wear about 6 watches a day, because I go home for lunch and dinner...and go out again.
Each time, I wear 2 watches.

The Japanese steel watch is VERY resistant to scratches.

But...I love BOTH of these watches, and the 243 is a watch I will give to my daughter.
The is for me!

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