Friday, 22 June 2012

Wife versus Husband's collection

First. Wife's:

Now husband:

The purpose of it all is that it has made our marriage stronger.

A common interest, and a wife who knows more about watches than I do.

It is fun that I don't have to hide...well at least not the smaller buys.


My favorite:

Wife's watch:

Women love color, and so do I.

But I am worried that watches that are good and hold value will be unaffordable.

This month, I found a watch which I am inftuated with:

This is it:

The SEIKO Galante spring drive:

On monday, I will get this has already arrived in Singapore thanks to Ho S and M Kondo.


  1. I am starting to like this Seiko Galante !

  2. Do you own a Jaeger Le Coultre Master Compressor? the only reason I know about this watch is because Valentino Rossi has one in his name. The motogp rider. :D

  3. Yes. I do. I rarely wear has that lug design which I don't like.