Saturday, 9 June 2012

ASKMEN with Elizabeth Doerr

An excerpt from page 2:
"One of the most remarkable things about his mechanical collection is its wide diversity. Most collectors accumulate the most expensive watches according to a theme or, like Cheong, with a careful eye to the future. Gould does nothing like anyone else, and therefore all of his technical treasures are collected according to only one criterion: He must like them.

Market presentation

Most of the rare watches that Cheong, Gould and many other aficionados own cannot be found just by walking into a store and pointing at one that catches the eye. Such watches by brand names are made rare by extreme limitation, while timepieces by independent craftsmen and boutique “brands” are rare for other reasons: the amount of handcrafted work having gone into them, the noncommercial nature of the art being produced, and the noncommercial nature of the artists producing them."

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