Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cars I bought used sold kept 1981 to 2012

I will word this post out in 6 hours, but these are what I grew up with, and to a large extent, it influenced my influence men.
I don't know about women.
But often, one can tell a lot about the person when you see the car...especially the way it is kept..clean or filthy.

This MINI made by Leyland in the 1960s to 70s were my first 2 was a mark2, the other a cooper. I bought them 3rd hand, for $2,300 in 1981.
It was my choice, because I had very little cash, and to me, as a young was a way to impress girls on a date...not many guys had cars when they were my age...and this car had that X factor, at least in Singapore...this was BEFORE cars became expensive.

This 1974 Datsun 160J really looked weird for its time, it had almost NO straight lines, and had a organic apperance...but it was my third car...used...and I bought a Japanese car because they were well known then for their reliability. The Mini always gave me repair bills. And I was never confident in rain, as the distributor was too low down.
I must have had bad taste at this point of life!

Another bad taste choice, Datsun 120Y after the 160J.
reliable...but not a chick magnet!!

My first "luxury" car..a 1978 Mercedes 200.
Bought used for $12,800.
It gave me tons of problems..and I kept it for many years, and even got married in it.

After the Mercedes was sold, I got my Civic 1300 cc, it cost $89,000 !!!!
Cars were slowly getting expensive!!!!
I kept this car for 5 years.

In 1987 or so..I was the first Singaporean to own a T bar car...maybe there were a few other brands, but I doubt it...because I had to go to the dept of the transportation to get a permit.

I LOVED this car..and it was my first time that I got to learn what a GOOD car is.

I had to scrap it after 1997, because in Singapore, we only get to keep our cars for 10 yrs...and after that we may have to pay between $10,000 to $90,000 to keep it for another 10 years.

I bought this to celebrate the birth of my 2nd daughter Cheryl...I always believed that a doctor had to drive a Rover TC, but that car was out of production.

This car was sooo bad...I sold it after 8 months!

My first taste of grown up family life with 2 kids..and I always have an MPV in my garage after this!
Mitsubishi Spacewagon...10 years from brand new!

I bought this 600cc mini Pajero as a joke...bec no one has any off road to go in Singapore.
Bad joke...I sold it after 1 year.
I bought this 320 SL 24 to impress my friends and to show that I was doing well.
See...I am an insecure guy.
I lost over $100k on it after 4 years or so...BAD BAD choice.
It cost me $428,000 as a brand new car...and I got NO VIP treatment, bec I was seen as a young punk.
I looked like I was 23 years old.
I was already 33.

I got this for the funky looks, and I had about 5 cars in the garage...seen above.
I hardly used it.
STUPID time of showing off...never do that.

This remains my 3rd best buy.
I still drive it is 13 years old. RAV4 , 2 door, 2,000 cc permanent 4 wheel.

This is my 2nd best buy, still using it.
2400cc of rear wheel drive.
Mid engined estima.

I loved my toyota mrs..but I crashed it so saved my life.

I bought this for the sheer parking pleasure, and the feel poor disguise.
It makes me feel normal. Toyota Vios. $78,000 !!! crazy!!!

Same as Rush. $93,000!!!!

$300,000 of Porsche. I was in a shopping mood.

$450,000 of 911 pdk pleasure, and it is now 1.8 years old...I love it.
My best buy.
ALSO to show off.
Insecurity bites my ass. choices of cars will reveal that I may be a serial killer or a psycho.


  1. LOL.. Dr it is always a pleasure reading your blog! So real and yet so funny.. Thank you very much for sharing your life with us! Cheers! Keep them coming!! ;)

  2. Bernard,

    Sorry I was wondering about the $$$ you mark there, are they SGD or USD??? ;))

    Have a nice day


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