Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Press, the papers, newspapers, in Singapore have been kind to me ,today's Sunday Times

I am VERY thankful for this piece.

No matter what the world at large says about newspapers, even my better half and my parents, warn me about papers.

But I always wonder and ask...WHY?

If I am a criminal, well...I would deserve whatever perspective comes out.

If one were NOT a criminal, that's where "guilty conscience" kicks in. So..many people are struggling to make ends meet, and I come out with this?

But from a focused perspective, this article today, is meant to encourgae everyone who is not doing well. Yet. Because doing well, if you look at it from a money pov, then it is ALWAYS relative...unless the bank is concerned.

I felt like the POOREST man in Singapore, just 2 hours after this interview on Thursday/Wednesday...bacause I would see just how small my house (6,000 built in) is.

Truth is...I would have STAYED in a shoebox unit, if that is what I can afford...and enlarge my archives of collectables in a seperate warehouse...and decorate it. Because I spend time sleeping and eating at home..that's about it. I don't need space to do that.

But...I would ABSOLUTELY like a BIG HOUSE. Who will not. I just cannot afford one, without giving up a lot of things...period. Given that I may not need to sacrifice, I a BIG HOUSE.
It's simply luxury, better, and is a place to bring up a family together...with privacy for all.

But..Singapore is small...and small has its advantages as well.

Thanks to all at the ST and the Sunday Times for being accurate and for having a sense of humour...I really like the article.


  1. Got a nice suprise when open the Sunday Times Invest section!

    I couldn't agree more with your comment on education.

    1. Dear Nick,
      YES!!! The big factor in money is USING it. I have BOUGHT countless expensive things..but behind it all is ONE thought...I could have learnt more about it, examined it, maybe paly with it..but only on very rare occasions...would owning it make a major difference.
      So is a lot more useful.
      It allows us to "hack" into the world of the owners, experience it, understand it, all for no money.
      Time however, is not replaceable.
      But that said, it is GOOD to own a few small things..of art,a good set of books that stimulate philosophy, and going to school everyday...till we are OLD.

  2. Hi Bernard,

    Where I can find the pdf version??

    For what I have read until now, I like it!!

    Have a nice day


  3. Bernard any chance to get the PDF version?

    Thank you