Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Frank Buchwald MACHINE MUST buy at least one! Why?

Google " Frank Buchwald" lights.
You will find the prices start today at $15,000 sgd to $34,000.
No less.
Plus transport, will add $2,300sgd

These lights, I ordered from Max Busser at his gallery just before he opened, and what it meant is that when you see the SIZE and realise that it is 100% handmade and no two are alike..and that each is made by the man, like an early 1900 pocket watch by a famous maker, you will be tempted.

I bought ALL the lamps at Max's MAD Gallery in Geneva.

You may probably do the same.

For the price, it is a BARGAIN.

First, it is really a piece of art. bloody well is expensive and feels and looks like it.

My reason for buying: Is to share with my patients, who rarely get the chance to see a global level sculpture, a real one, not a repro, and in a clinic.
It will brighten any child's day...and bring back the sci fi part of our young days...ALIEN from Ripley is what I recall.


  1. Thesee lights are really Uber cool! The first one reminds me of that annoying little Decepticon in Transformers. The design of these is like a mating of an insect and a machine

  2. Nick,
    You may like these lights..the cost is mainly in transportation and waiting list.