Saturday, 7 July 2012

$6,000 usd watches that will raise eyebrows

The cross over from watch to jewelry to art is full of deep pits. spite of a 50/50 split in like/dislike...the russians and the australian crowd has taken well to this totally and purposely roughly made watch, to poke fun at all of us who harp about "fine finish".

I am also supportive of it, because for ONCE...this maker, Artya, is NOT claiming how good his watch is, rather...he is making a distinct social statement about obsessive people who buy watches, and don't wear them for fear of a scratch.

They have old Omega/IWC/ETA movements.

They are rather water proof, I bought 3 and swam in the sea with all of them.

I travel with them.

I have no fear of scratches!

I had a gentleman buy one right off my wrist in Paris last year...for the same price that it is being sold for at one outlet in Paris, that sells art objects.

There are no single watch that will be the same.

Each is completely handmade, over a week or two.

And judging from the complete randomness of the finish and the humour...I believe it.

This is the ONLY brand that does not take itself seriously...visit their Artya website!

If you hate people who show off their expensive watches, and are almost always trying to tell others how rich they are...this will shut them up.

If you find a good looking piece, buy it.

It is total rubbish...but belongs in the Pompidou. It is still art...IMHO.


  1. Wow.....

    Very stunning time pice!!
    All pieces from ArtYa are very special, Yvan Arpa did a really good job! Maybe I'm wrong but I saw another model in your collection it is right??

    I have to ask you something about Opus 3. I completely understand if you cannot answer me, but if you can you can use my personal e-mail address:
    You told me that you still awaiting for yours to come, do you have any idea on when they will delivery yours?? Now is nearly 10 year!! I saw some of them almost ready on one of my visit to Renaud & Papi.
    I'm very interested to know when they deliver some!!

    What about the sixth and the seventh?? Did you own them?

    What do you think do you gonna buy the eleventh and the twelfth as well?

    Thank you very much, have a nice day


    1. The Opus 3. I think the retailer may rethink about giving me that 1 piece. Because I gave them the signal that I am not sure...Vianney did not do this watch, and it was done with many compromises by Rand P.
      and it is NOT at all cheap anymore.

  2. Yes I know, many people try to do that watch unsuccessfully!
    I can imagine that it is not cheap anymore, but can I ask you at the beginning how was the target price?
    How work in this case, I mean when you did order it back in 2003 did you pay all the amount or just a bit? Did they decide to increase the price, once they realized that to do the watch it was not so simple??
    What about the Opus 11 and 12??