Sunday, 8 July 2012

The process of buying a car in Singapore

Cars are simply VERY expensive to buy/own/maintain in Singapore.
The plus side, is that you can drive them most times...90% of the time.
Not that many jams if any.
Car population is somewhat controlled.

But it also means that a simple, inexpensive car, like this Juke, which in turbo form, will cost $150,000 with a certificate to run it for 10 years. Afterwhich, you may need to buy a new certificate for maybe $45,000 to $90,000 which will last another 10 years, and so on.

Now you know why in Singapore, someone would rather buy say..a richard mille wristwatch.

We pay 10x what others will pay for their cars in the USA/UK.

And they get to keep them.
 We can only keep them for 10 years.

I wanted to get a Toyota 86 for dad. But he is 81...and that car is rather low.

Yes..that's the one above...

A Porsche Boxster was top on my list, again low.

I need a car that could be fun...and also easy for an 81 year old to get in and out of.

I like the Juke..funky...and with the red low profile

And much cheaper than a Boxster.

Well..we will see.

I like the tail end..the curved glass pane is sort of very french like in design.

This is one car that has been really designed by people who seem to love cars...something like an ahci wristwatch, made by genuine watchmakers.

Which always brings me back to my favorite gripe, people who "make" watches today, because it is good money...charge more, and even more silly mainly noveau riche people will buy them, for no reason than it is "expensive" demonstrate their spending power or the thickness of the wallet.


But in all honesty, today...I really do buy ONLY watches that I believe are worth what I am paying for.

Hence my recent love for Seiko.

The car looks good from the back too.

The Boxster is such a nice looking fellow, that I will be unable to resist buying one to accompany my now 2 year old Carerra.
Especially in this color, with red leather seats.

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