Saturday, 7 July 2012

Britto, Dali, LV, Hermes, Ron Arad, Leica, Walter Knoll in untidy coexistence

Is there a relationship between depression and homes/offices that look like this?

Are people like me disrespectful of brands..yes.

I personally feel objects and material things gain value thru the patina of use...and while not in use, should be left lying around the home to imbibe an atmosphere, to the occupants, of humanity.

Well, if you ever do drop by my will look like this or worse.

Rest's an Alladin's cave.

But only in security high Singapore. I know that every inch of this house, except the toilets and the beds are monitored by a 24 hr closed circuit tv system that uploads into the "cloud"...and the local police have acess to it...all the time. Security is one thing, but paranoa that one could be robbed is another.

I don't think I can live in a tidy house.

I could always enjoy that kind of clean lined look at almost any store or hotel.

THIS is however, just "me".

Damned..the house is like a casino. Monitored by both wired and wireless cameras, and you can spot them if you look carefully.

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  1. Bernard,

    I love your desk...with all the special things that you have! I'm fascinated form your home office!
    In particular I love the Orbita watch winder, it's amazing!!! Also the way how you keep the things is special, with a little mess! However I don't think it is a mess, I think is a way how you keep your stuff, am i wrong?? You just want to give an idea of disorder, but underneath there's a very sought idea to juxtapose all the things!!!

    Take care