Monday, 2 July 2012

How to collect watches, Bernard Cheong ('s) way..chuckles

Or rather..when is enough crazy?

This post, may offend...but what the hell....if one is not honest, and is manipulative..then the value of sharing on a blog is diluted.

So, while my doctor friends are busy winning awards in Edinburough, and getting lives limited talent, or rather, my laziness, has lead to a pursuit of creating:

A collection that can be crazy.

So what makes a "super watch" like a supercar?
It is not right.
But, just like cars, the watch world is full of bimbotic reality.

However, I think I have nailed down 16 non bimbos.
The only one is the RM002.
BUT...I got that before RM was famous...and is a "real" RM..meaning it has to have a clutch and a tourby.

Note that the IWC 5000 is there.
So are 2 Seikos, with spring drive technology.

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  1. Did you change the strap on the IWC minute repeater?

    Have a nice day