Friday, 6 July 2012

REAL Seiko Galante people

The Seiko Galante may be whopping expensive at $12,000 usd.
BUT I finally did find people who have beaten me to buy one...yes.
They rather own a SEIKO Galante than a Calatrava (used), or a JLC or a Panerai...caveat: these are Irin Gan here.

So I am guessing that they can afford to buy what they REALLY want.
Micheal Schumacher wanted a Rolf Diavolo 75, and he bought one.
That's people who endorese the watch, and not the other way around, when we use the watch to endorse our status.

For me, it is 50/50...there are many times that I still show off that I can afford this/that watch...but less so today.
Now, I find that it has an effect on the market when I am shown wearing a specific watch, and the sales go up..thank GOD.

That said..I discovered to my surprise that the Galante's have MOP dials!!!!
And they do not use gold plate, but solid gold.
That's great news, and a step up, many steps up, for SEIKO.


  1. Hi Bernard,

    Can ask you who she is? I saw her many time in you clinic and in many of your post, and I was wondering who she is?

    Have a nice day!


  2. That is Irin Gan. She is a local(Singapore)celebrity. And Dr bernard...why is she always in your clinic?she looks in not sick she a watch fan too?

  3. Hey...I am a doctor for the celebrities! Kidding.
    The truth?
    Girls like me.