Saturday, 7 July 2012

What happens to ALL of our money when/if we reach 90? Singapore's LAST tycoon

The word "tycoon" is special.
It comes from the age of the war years, after the SECOND World War.
It comes from wealth made and traded when Singapore was growing from 4th world to 3rd world country.
Today...arguably, I would consider after extensive, and in depth travel...meaning I stayed and worked...I consider Singapore VERY much first world.
And among the best, safest, most WIRED into the web country you can find.

What happened to the people who made millions of dollars, owned ships, tracts of land, buildings in excess of 33 stories along the business district?

What happens to our assets? When we get old?
What happens if we collect things which need space and temperatures?

Well, this is what can't sell easily.
You can carry them around.
You can't bring them to another country.

It all began some 3 years ago when I was asked to "see" a collection of precious watches!
What do I see?


I know the times back before the 1990s.

I was just working from one pay check to another.
I wondered HOW on earth will I ever get beyond this?
How will I afford my own home?
How will I even give my family anything?

Better yet...even people far more talented, more mature, been in the market longer....had NOT achieved that freedom. day, I did.
I have NO IDEA.

But I know something today.
EVERYONE really dies.
And no one brings anything has to leave them behind.

I know about packing up.
I don't have any itention of dying soon...but I make things easy to pack.

So my kids will have assets.

But I am NOT going to hoard material stuff...I am trying to only buy things IF I can learn from it, or prosper from it.
And it must/should be an asset...not a burden.

If I kept buying and building assets, I may enjoy them, but it will not be a win/win.
Wristwatches, gems, small art works...yes.

Look at this:

I was very tempted to purchase this table from the owner....
This seemed a very interesting rock/marble with fossil remnants...not for sale.

Many momentos of a full, this can be stored digitally.

Or is it really so?
I love the tusk mounted in the background...
the marble horses and all.
Just look at the amount of collectables, covering over 16,000 sq fet...maybe 48 stories up.

This room is my many things from so many eras.

 This aligator skull from indonesia...hmmm...

Stairs lead to another floor of collectables.

Look at the 20 seat dinner table!
It is piled full of scrolls!

Tons upon tons of collectable woodwork.

Tey another corridor to another room of unique, eerie items.

Pottery...brings luck..and often also removes good fortune.

Stuffed animals of all sorts.

 A room full of stuff.

 Arocking chair for a 8 foot person!

When tigers were not protected by law,

A solid one single piece of jade...mounted with chinese characters!
The price of an Opus V.

Scrolls of caligraphy...mostly of good fortune!

The owner...a mysterious man in his 80s.
His life in pictures,

The careful unrolling of a scroll....

Back to my car...I realise that almost NOTHING will remain beautiful except a great home, a great car or a few great watches/jewelry.
These are evergreens.

Here is where I look back at my own life, and thank God and Jesus...and all...that I have been blessed.
There are very few ways to move from one social class to another.

Most are BEYOND your control.

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