Tuesday, 3 July 2012

BAD, terrible watches....and the names are:

(1) Fake watches.
(2) Good watches with movements that were replaced by cheap working movements, a common practice, instead of repair, these guys who fix watches replace the original movements.
This is the primary reason why we have see thru backs allow owners to see what was/is inside their watches.

WHY BUY fakes? First...DON'T.
The people who don't know watches can't tell. The people who know watches, will know its a fake and that will reflect badly, depending on who and why, in their opinion of you.

To use the watch as a status symbol is NOT avoidable. does not need MONEY or to be POOR to afford/use/wear cheap Citizen, Seiko, Hamilton...etc etc.
They DO make NICE or rather GREAT watches...sometimes...and it pays to look for them.
Buy real, buy less expensive, buy tasteful.

Don't support fakes.

You'll always have that nagging feeling, making you less confident.

There are TONS of good real watches that are not expensive. They are fun. I buy them.
I buy watches because they are the MOST convenient way to carry art around...and THAT"S all there is.
I buy both cheap and expensive watches.
Most people will want to see my expensive watches...that's natural.

BUT...I do buy watches with NO respect for the branding...that's me.
I buy watches if they are relevant to art or to the history of our times.
I buy watches to support talented men and women, who would get the chance to make a GOOD piece of art, and I feel happy that I did so.

I bought fakes to study how far, and how deep the supply of parts go.
That's all.
But I never wear them.

It may give others the wrong idea, because people do look at what I wear.

Everyone has different philosophies as a consumer. You can only be responsible for yourself.

Subscribing to "the look for less", is OK.

But, when it is meant to deceive people, to think it's the brand, that's BAD.

Volumes of psychoanalysis can and will be tackled here later....but now:

Look at how the fakes have become:

I will admit that I will buy a cheaper camera lens...and that I know it will not give me the same results.
That is a different philosophy...I once bought a Leica, and fitted it with a cheap Nokton. But I am sure that my cheap Nokton will deliver 99% of what I need.

I didnt' buy the Summicron.

Because I am not able to use the Leica's superb ability, yet.

I bought a Porsche C2, because I can't use the turbo or the S.
I drive like a normal 54 year old....slow.

I bought a house that is JUST about enough to fit all the stuff I collect....but I don't have the money to buy or use a bigger least not without giving up too many things.

In 2003, I could have bought a giant 20,000 sq ft house...but it would have used all my money...and got me into a different life.

I guess I am happy where I am.

I thank God for a job...and for having more than I need.

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  1. If you have time can you post on the types of watch movement.Why are there mechanical and automatic.Why quartz why chronograph.What about spring drive? And the tourbillon why is it so expensive. and what are gmt watches and what are perpetual calendars. :D