Friday, 6 July 2012

I see about 30 to 45 cases of skin desease each day, 7 days a week.

The majority of my other patients are coughs/colds/nausea.

But it is rewarding, for my own soul, to see these cases at my own costs..they would not get the proper creams at the subsidised my small way of doing charity is to go to work...and dispense meds at my own costs as far as possible.

It really helps with mood swings!
And self image.
Much more than buying a Porsche.

This is psoriasis, and someone before me, had treated him repeatedly with a steroid cream, for nearly 25 years...not bad..becasue although we are not to use steroids for these, and that rebounds can be terrible, this case does well...and I gave him celestoderm rather than dermovate...and he saw me 3 weeks later, better 80%!

I switched to diluted celestoderm, with QV cream 50/50, apply om and only pure QV on.
He has I will see how long.

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  1. Hi Doc, where is the location of Your clinic ? I need help, with my skin,....Thanks