Monday, 2 July 2012

Hermes Birkin , regular office use, 1966 V stamp versus a Seiko Galante super limited edition of 30

It used to be that one would compare a Rolex with a Birkin.
I do think THAT is a fair fight.

But it will be ohhh so boring!!!

What I would consider fair is a $12,000 Seiko handmade, money can't easily buy, Galante like this one....versus a 1966 MINT but used 50 cm Birkin which will be about $19,000.

Both are genderless.
Both will outlive generations.
Unlike older Seikos, and new Birkins...both are of a highly superior quality.
Vintage, rare, 50cm or 60cm Mega Birkins fetch uber high prices which will be above these I quoted.
This is because the stitch, cut, leather, color treatment, were of a technique which will be only noticed by connoiseurs or OCD people who are seraching for the "best".

The Seiko, is so darn expensive, but it is again for the people searching for the best, the rare, and the last one can or will guess its price. And in a reverse snobbery kinda must be darn confident about watches to buy a Seiko for that kind of money.

Enjoy and think about how men and the people of Madison Avenue, and the early predictions of one Alvin Toffler: "The Hidden Persuaders" reflect on the content of this post.

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