Sunday, 1 July 2012

Building my own house when I was 29 years old, pictures (1987 to 1989) don't do it.

I built my own home on 12,000 sq feet of land.
I was 29 years old..and I was working 18 hour days as a doctor.

It cost me $800,000 sgd then.
I still live in it.

Today, it has "grown" to a 8,000 built in home, with 5 storeys, the largest is the ground floor...the pictures of my home that you see on facebook is actually my "lobby" that leads to my "laboratory" of thoughts. That's my office.

Here is what it looked like in 1989, completed.

That's me with my 4 classmates on the day the house was completed.
They are from left to right:
Dr Cheong Tuck Hong
Prof Prema Raj
Dr Alan Chin
Dr Tay Kah Phuan

VERY young then...aged 29 approx.
Notice I already had a proto of a Panerai.


  1. To see more of how the home evolved, remember that I began the project aged 29...I am now 54.

    AND...the house is still changing..


    on my facebook, look up pictures, "the soul of my home".

    The idea of sharing this, is to inspire young people who today face incredible challenges to even own a home.

    My bank account then, was less than $12,000.

  2. Really huge home ...with lots of err.. barang barang haha.

    1. Muhdzal,
      I agree. The reason why we NEVER shifted house, was that after marriage, my wife and I decided to save and buy a small house, but big cheap empty $43 a sq foot, that was the price in 1987.
      We also chose a careful plot ratio.
      This place allows 7 storeys max, and upto 23,000 sq feet max.

  3. Hey doc, thanks for the inspiration =) and also for the telfast & the orange and white tabs (forgot the name)

  4. I find the eccentricity of the structure very distinct. I like how the bottom and middle roofs seem to form a slanting line from that view. You and your friends did a cool thing there, given that most of you were in the medical field. ;] It sure felt great to have to say to others, especially, to your family that you built your own house. What was the most difficult struggle you had then? Was it time?